Check Your Level 1 Privilege - Ashen Snow S1E7

Check Your Level 1 Privilege - Ashen Snow S1E7

Pete/GM: All right, so first off,
I promise I don't have any crit

modules or something in foundry.

Second off, I also promise
this is a balanced encounter.

I a hundred percent believe you.

I want to, or dice.

I'm gonna tweet at foundry.

That's it.

Varren: Just to be safe.

Next week we will just have me send them
up, set up the foundry module for us just

to make sure that there's no, you know,

Pete/GM: backend stuff.

I believe in you all.

You'll start this session
with another hero point.

You'll definitely be needing it.

Mia: So all I can remember before the
stupid spider started messing with us.

Me, I think, I don't know,
everything's kind of flies.

We walked up and I saw this pretty horse
thing, but it looked all hurt and stuff.

And then there's the, the guy, that
bowling guy that we were told about.

And then, I don't know, all
chaos happened and here we are.

I think I'm gonna die.

We go back to seven arches or we see.

Freya on the ground Unconscious.

Vin tangled from goo from a tangle foot
bag being poked and prodded by needles.

Mia bound in webbing, looking to be
the next meal for a dream spider.

And Baren the only one with
no damage, but still wounded.

One from the previous battle.

Varren: And having just
blasted a hole through a

Pete/GM: dwarf, he did just blast a
hole through a dwarf, so that's good.

The sacrificial unicorn continues
to nay with raspy breaths, and

Bolen says You all had the chance.

My plant necromancy proves
that the forest has chosen me.

To hold civilization accountable and if
it hadn't been for my generous benefactor,

I never could have gotten this far and I
will not be stopped when I am this close

Varren: Benefactor, what benefactor

Pete/GM: you will, you all
have heard of him, I'm sure.

Stories, campfire tales, the creature.

Which is said to hunt these
woods is no mere fantasy.


The slim is very real.

Well, a

Varren: name to the legend then
that isn't simply a farmer's tale.


It's a shame that your
friend here won't be meeting

Pete/GM: him anytime soon.


He has served his purpose as
I will and as all you will.

As soon as I've completed my ritual, I
do not seek to live from this encounter.

I seek only to complete it.


Varren: hopefully we can
assist you with that.

The not living part.

I mean,

Pete/GM: of course.

Oh, you'll not get to see my brighter
world, my world where those who cut down

the forests are cut down themselves.

From the curse I planned to unleash,
we'll, once again, have clean rivers.

We'll, once again, have a
land the Faye can call home.

We'll, once again, have animals which
can roam the countryside freely.

Like one there.


This unicorn is an innocent.

I take no pleasure.

In taking its life, but
it is for a greater good.

I just need to spill its blood.

This one life in exchange for so many,
I will see it completed and if I have

to kill you all first, and so be it.

Varren: It's funny to me that you're
going on the spiel and I, I mean this in

the least offensive way possible, Boland.

You sound like every
politician I've run into since


Pete/GM: woke up.

There is a difference between me
and the politicians of man's world.

Of the artificial constructs that
you make to torment so many others'

lives with poverty starvation.

That is, is that I keep my word.

Varren: Oh, I was simply
going to say that You would.

Pete/GM: Insane.


Is it insane to want cleaned
water to respect nature?

Is it insane to realize the
actual cause of so many of our

plight in this world are our own

Varren: making?

Well, yes.

Look around you.

What has your ritual
done to the lands here?

You've killed them.

Your goal is a fresh
new forest full of life.

And you've done nothing but kill a
creature and the land you stand on,

you portray your morals even now, and
everything that you would be, you think

that your benefactor is going to revert
this space that you've made for him?


You are taking the lives of these
animals into your own hands and

breaking their neck with magic.

After your debt, you said it yourself.

Plant necromancy, the art of unde on life.

You've done nothing here, but
just push your goals further away.

Pete/GM: You've been tricked.

I take only the life that is
necessary, only life that is necessary.


Varren: spill your own blood rather
than that unicorns, I don't think your

benefactor will care, which it is.

Pete/GM: Word that I could, I
gladly spare this unicorn's life,

but it's what has to be done.

I don't believe you.

No more talk, no more words.

They're hollow in the
face of my new world.

Varren: Your benefactors new world sale.


Pete/GM: be gone.

So we restart with Freya unconscious.

What are you going to do?

You have the ability to either make
a regular death save, you can do the

resolve point to on extern, come back
with one hip point, or you could use

a hero point, which would've all been
granted to save yourself from dying.

Freya: Yeah.

But that wouldn't, that wouldn't get
rid of my persistent acid damage.


That's true.


And I'm at what, 'cause I was
at Wounded One, so I started

Varren: at, you started dying two.


Vin: So wounded one dying.


Freya: I'm dying two.

Varren: So I'm gonna try and get to you
to keep you up, but I can't do anything

about the persistent, that's just the

Freya: problem.


I just gotta keep hoping I
make that, make that check.

Or if I can get up, I can attempt to,
I don't know, fucking throw my, all my

clothes off to get the acid away from me.

Varren: You can spend an action to
make the check 10 instead of 15.


Once you're.

Pete/GM: Awake.

Freya: Awake.


I am gonna, I wanna, God, I wanna
spend that resolve point to be

up next turn and risk the other.

Simply it's just get up no matter what
and then I can chug a health potion and

try to deal with, deal with the acid.

Varren: This is a fairly tense
moment because you're at dying.



Persistent is guaranteed
to take you to dying.



Because you take the
damage, then you roll.

If you fail your dying check, you're dead.


I mean, unless

Pete/GM: you have die hard.

I do not have die hard

Varren: word level one.

Uh, so I'm a human.

I forgot that.

I, I get a general fe
My privilege is too big.

I'm sorry.

Freya: I'm, I'm also human.

But human half helps.

Privilege is too big.

It's a.


Varren: got

Vin: a level one general feed.

My glitch

Varren: is too big.

It is.

I could die at dying five.

It's a

Freya: four.

So, so I can't do both.

Spin to resolve and a hero point.

Pete/GM: There ain't nothing in
the rule book saying you can't.

Freya: So I mean I, you know, I'd like
to spend that hero point to stabilize.

I don't have to make that dying check,
but also spend that resolve point.

So I'll be up at one HP next,
turn next to my terminals are out.

Pete/GM: Alright.

So you'll just be unconscious,
get rid of the dying value.

Freya: Mm-hmm.

And I will immediately take a
dying value as I take damage.

Pete/GM: Which puts you
back into death, sea.

Back to dying One.

Varren: Dying Three.

Dying Three Immediately
because of wounded two.

Pete/GM: Yeah.


It would be dying three.

So gimme that flat check to see
if you get the acid off of you.


Oh no.

Freya: I've, I've kind
of fucked no matter what.

There's no, I can, no good way to

Varren: play any of that.

I can get to you, get a
potion out and use it on you.


And then we just kind of
have to hope that Yep.

It heals more than the persistent damage.

I have a lesser

Freya: healing potion.

In my bag.

Varren: It's in your bag.

Which would take me three actions to get.

That's fair.

Freya: I mean, if you could just get me up

Varren: that I have a healing potion.

I'm gonna be putting it down your throat.


Pete/GM: what fast as we can go.


Starts to change his feet
begin to expand into roots.

Joining up with the viney thorns
that he's created all around him.

And his arms turn into vines
as he starts with plant shape.

Now it looks like.

So cast that that is two actions,
still has his shale in hand

and is able to strike at vin.

It does.

He move.

Doesn't need to.

That shape.

Gives him wiggly arms.

Oh, I see, I see.

Wiggly long arms.


It's 8 25.

Doing five points of damage.

Vin: We're gonna react to that.

We're gonna pop the selfish shield,
which will reduce it by three.

Fire wrapping around, probably burning
some of the, the thorns round vin, but.

Some of that attack still gets through.

Pete/GM: Okay, so that is all for Bolen.

Next is the spider.

Me and the spider are not friends.

It uses an interact to change.

Mia's sticking point to hanging underneath
the arc of this elf tower that's there.

Then uses an action.

To skidder up to Veen
and tries to bite him.

Come on man.

So rolled a 25 total, that
is not a critical success.

That's a normal hit.

So he's going to do four points
of bite damage, but I still need

a fort save from Uve 20 total.

You fight off the effects
of the dream spider venom.

Mia, you just say.

The spider go.

I'll go.

Go make some more friends now.

Bye Goby, fall Baron.

The spider is now in your

Varren: face.

Fully disregarding the spider
Baron is just going to have to

sprint his way forward here.

Gonna get himself into a position
to possibly help Mia here.

Also, as he's running freehand,
pull out a healing potion.

And as he gets up to Freya, just
slam it up to her face, pop the

cork and pour it down her throat.

Pete/GM: Okay, go ahead
and roll that healing.

Varren: Don't have a lot here,
but that's an eight on the die

for a max on the healing potion.

You got the good one,

Pete/GM: Freya, you come
back now at Wounded three?


Oh boy.

I've never seen someone get.

That high of, also high, that wounded.


But you are alive.


And not unconscious.

There you go.

Alright, Baron, that's
all of your actions.

Author eight, move,

Varren: pull out Yelp,

Vin: vin.


I am going to attempt to trip.

I'm gonna go ahead and
roll the athletics check.

Be an 18 against his reflex.


Pete/GM: meets beats, so you are
going to be able to knock him prone

as parts of the roots that were
embedded in the thorns beneath him.

Crack, and he falls down
like a timbered tree.


Vin: I'm no longer immobilized.

Correct from tingle,

Pete/GM: tingle foot.

You take a minus 10 foot circumstance
penalty to your speeds for one round.



You don't be tangle footed anymore.

Vin: Okay?

So if that's the case, I am
going to strike as I step out

of this mass, make the strike.

I forgot to target.

This will be an 18 against

Pete/GM: Boland.

18 will hit ooh,

Vin: 12 damage, and maybe this
is the turning point for vin.

As I step out, I'll go ahead
and make that reflex save.

Pete/GM: All right,

Vin: for a 20.

So I'll take half on the
whatever the thing is.

Pete/GM: All right.

So you'll take half of nine damage.

Not you, Ben.

Not you.

There you go.

All right.

And you step out of the thorns, Mia.

Me visually, let me understand this.

I am dangling underneath this archway.

Like I imagine I'm just like
spiderweb, cocooned and just

kind of like dangling there.

Like you got a nice hammock.

Yeah, this is my life.

My ears are just kind
of like flopping down.

Like imagine it's

Freya: probably really good for your back,

Pete/GM: just getting good stretch,
just but I really want outta here.

You can do that unarmed attack
to try to get yourself out of it.

I would like to do that.

I'm probably gonna bonk my
head and kill myself, but

Varren: whatever.

I do like to imagine as Mia is sitting
here trying to like lowly pull her

way out of this spider web just.

I all practice Santa Maria.

Pete/GM: I God no crystal ball.

Freya: Go ball.

Pete/GM: If I had a million
fishes, I'd have them all.

Your oldest 16, which is enough to escape.

Varren: The song did it.

The dice

Freya: liked singing.

Pete/GM: Yay.

So you get out now falling the 15 feet
and take five points of falling damage.

But you are free.

I am free and almost dead.



Freya: to the club.

Pete/GM: So imagine
that I'm Proned, right?

I'm like, I'm, I'm on the, yep.

So you still have two actions.

I'm gonna get out.

And I'm gonna move runaway.

I'm just gonna go.

I'm gonna go like here.

It's not a runaway, it's
just a, I don't know.

I'm just going to get away from
the stupid freaking arms a little

further away from the spider.

Freya: Yeah.

And has this been more

Pete/GM: action?

So can I ask how many, how,
how does one remove all the

afflictions that it is afflicted

Freya: upon?

You should be.

We should be no longer prone and
probably no longer flatfooted

or mobilize the stupefied.

I think what goes down

Varren: one around it would go
away when the thing applying

Pete/GM: it ends.

Okay, awesome.


Freya: You know what re stands up
and I'm gonna use, I'm gonna use, oh

God, how am I gonna fucking do this?

Fuck God.

Yeah, I'm going to spend
an action to stand.

I'm going to spend an action to try
and just rip this acid off of me,

you know, and throw it on the ground.

And then I am going to
spend my last action to,

Pete/GM: so yeah, if you want
to spend like two actions like

rolling around on the ground,
that'll easily get your action.


A lot.


Freya: two A two actions to roll on
the ground and then, I don't know,

instead of standing, I don't know,
I'll fucking cast shield or something.

Pete/GM: Sketch shield, okay.

That works.

Freya: The may turn.

I gotta make the, I gotta, I
gotta take damage and I gotta

Varren: make it safe.

Hey, on the upside I roll at eight.

It physically can't
take you down this turn.


So you're gonna take a D six
and we'll see if you hit a 10,

Pete/GM: one.

One damage

Freya: and I will roll D 20.

Pete/GM: Nope, I think, I think he's

Vin: saying that it automatically
goes off because he rolled in the

Pete/GM: grass.


You don't have to roll the flash.



Freya: I'll take that.


I was, I was unsure.

I thought you said it.

It would to do that, it would
make it the 10 or whatever.

Pete/GM: No.



For persistent damage, you can do
certain a, a certain amount of actions

to just get whatever it is off you
like, you know, if you're on fire you

could stop, drop and roll and all of
that stuff, or dunk yourself in water.

So yeah, getting the
acid is just a matter of.

Finding all the little bits
that the acid is boiling down

Varren: into you.

Assisted recovery is a weird thing 'cause
it doesn't have like defined rules.

It's the GM decides.


And then gives like a

Pete/GM: bunch of examples.

Bolen stands and says,
you are a nuisance monkey.

Hi, that's my middle
name, part of your item.

Is made of wood.


You're staffed.


Vin: a, it's a pole arm, but the, the
sh the shaft's probably made of wood.

I haven't thought about that.


Shaft's made of wood.

Pete/GM: Alright.

Boing has made your pole arm then
turn against you with item treachery.

The wood spins around and
starts to slash at you.

So I need a reflex safe from you.

Then, uh, 14 is a normal failure, so
you struggle to hold onto the item

until the start of your next turn.

Attempts to disarm, you will gain a
plus two bonus and the creature takes

a minus two circumstance penalty
to the item or checks requiring a

firm gra gra ah, grasp on the item.


You'll then look at RIN
and you need to shut.

Your mouth as he makes the the
scarf that you have around your

entire head begin to constrict on.

You need a fortitude save you what we

Varren: get here.

I've gotta use the hero point on that.

I ain't taking a that one.


No I don't.

I don't think so.

There bud.

Hey Foundry,

Freya: I just wanna talk.

Yeah, I just wanna talk bud.

I just wanna

Varren: talk.

Don't worry about it.

Don't worry.


Pete/GM: be feel fine.


That is a regular failure.

So in addition to taking the full
10 points of bludgeoning damage,

you'll also be flatfooted and
take a minus 10 circumstance.

Penalties of speeds.

So the beginning of boland's, next turn.

Alright, then walk up to
Freya brandishing his Chile.

Come by.

And you should be dead.

The dream spider approaches
Varin from behind.

No, I cast gun does a 25 crit.

This thing 25.

Just not crit, but it does hit

Varren: all right.

Still got the weakness on this guy.

So three additional damage
to whatever this says.

12 damage total.

Freya: Baron does not consent to this.

Pete/GM: You casually point your gun
behind you as the spider leaps and is

about to pounce on you, and then you just
blast it into a million buggy pieces,

Varren: just kind of gestures still
being like having his mouth muffled a

bit by this scarf around him just fires
this shot off under his arm, towards the

spider behind him, still facing bolin
gestures to the dwarf and the spider.

Holds up two fingers points at him.

Pete/GM: Three.

And now you can make good on that.


It's your turn.


Varren: Step one.

You the only guy left, but I could
fight him, but you know what?

I think's gonna make him
a little bit more mad.


If I go over here, pull
out an antidote and go

Pete/GM: to give it to the unicorn.


Absolutely do that.

You give the antidote to the unicorn.

And you see that it's eyes that were
once dilated and looking around wildly

start to become normal, changing
back into their normal unicorn cube.

Varren: It just kind of locks eyes
with bolin as that happens, just

Pete/GM: shrugs and the
unicorn enters initiative.

Hopefully on our side,

Varren: surprise.


Either we have an ally or
I am about to be dementia.

Pete/GM: spoilers.

Then I'm gonna break the unicorn free.

What do I have to do?

All right, just another Interac action.

All right, one Interac

Vin: action.

I tear apart at the vines.

Holding the unicorn

Pete/GM: down.

You rip the vines off.

And the unicorn is free.

Vin: Second action.

I am going to drink my lesser
healing potion on my bandelier,

Pete/GM: getting nine points back, and

Vin: then using my reach I'll, I'll
attempt to strike at bolin with a minus

Pete/GM: two.

Okay, I will miss 10.

Will miss a sacrificial
unicorn stands and then leaps.

Over the vines and makes a
powerful charge at Bolen.

Freya: Does Bolen still
have the thorn thing up?

Varren: I think those broke

Vin: when he

Pete/GM: gotten off.

Yes, they did.


Varren: I wasn't planning to go at it,
but I just kind of thought it was gone.

Freya: I was hoping it was gone.

I wanted to make sure, 'cause I didn't
want our unicorn us to do all this work.

Save unicorn.

Goes into the thing, fails,

Varren: dies, gets up

Pete/GM: because that would be our luck.

It doesn't die.

In fact, it skewers Bolen doing 12
piercing damage and two good damage

to Bolen, as well as its momentum
driving another seven points of

damage into Bolen as his arm is
impaled by the unicorn's horn.

It then gallops off into the woods.

You're welcome.

Varren: Kind of watch this thing, stab him
and just kind of tap vent on the shoulder.

Still muffle the mouth and
just kind of thumbs up.

Pete/GM: Guru, this is Mia.

You're up.

So spider's dead.

Unicorn's gone.

It's just bowling.

Just bowling.

And I am not affected by anything anymore.

Yes, the spider venom has made,
has cod its way through your

veins, and your immune system
has been able to fight it off.

You're no longer stupefied and you
are no longer 15 feet up in the air.

Life is good, Ari.

I'm going to ignore all of my own health.

Don't worry.

Varren: All of us have no health.

Freya: Yeah, it's good.


None of us can help.

It's fine.

Like I'm, I'm at two,

Pete/GM: we're doing

Varren: great.

I'm at four.

Our bin's probably at
like, what, maybe 10.

Vin: I just healed.

I'm okay.

But there,

Pete/GM: yeah, just she's, she looks
angry and as, as this kind of rage grows

within her, she, her hair starts like
lightly floating around her, along with

her skirt and scarves and everything.

And I am going to use one of my
Oracle spells for the first time.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

And I'm going to use spray of stars.

Oh, dear.


Freya: that's a, that's,
I, I would be in your cone

Pete/GM: if you did that.

Yeah, I was just looking at,
no, I'm gonna use moon beam.

All right, so that's a spell attack roll.


I'm totally using a hero
Point screws that Do

Freya: it, do it, do it, Joey.

How many?

Not one.

We need to.

Audience, please give us a counter of
how many nat ones we've had this fight.

Oh, that's

Pete/GM: so much better.


It's not

Varren: even a number at this point.

The answer

Pete/GM: is just yes.

23 will hit just her eyes open up
and like it looks like she's glowing

from the inside of her skull and just
shoot straight out and hit this person

in the face and it feels so good.


Deal that damnit damnit three, all
of that for three three damage.

And he is dazzled for one round.


Varren: It's probably gonna
matter if Freya doesn't take

him down or make some space.

'cause if you go down, that's a bad time.


Freya: you don't, don't hit the ground.


I am going to, Spend my
first action to stand up.

I think my shield goes away.

I think that's only to the
beginning of my next turn, but

I will stand up first action.

Pete/GM: Okay.

Vin: And

Freya: then I will just point the
sword at him being like, I am really

Pete/GM: fucking

Freya: tired and I am gonna just.

I'm I, 'cause I don't have
the ability to spell strike.

I'm just gonna go in with gouging
claw with my, my free hand turns

into a claw and I'm going to
slam it into his face, hopefully.

Pete/GM: Alright, we're

Freya: going for piercing.

Okay, because I'm gonna go
through the head if I, if I

Pete/GM: do this into the eyes.

Freya: Mortal Kombat level

Pete/GM: fatality.

All right.

Make that tact roll.

Freya: It is a 19 for a

Pete/GM: 25.

25 is a normal hit.

It's still gonna be six piercing damage.

Six piercing damage.

As you essentially poke his
eyes out through his mask, he

screams and falls to the ground.

He coughs out blood.

You are still too late.

I might not have gotten my drink.

But I already gave the gate key
to kidney bow, and I will just,

Freya: after the fight is
over, collapse back onto the

ground, being like, I hate this.

Is everything

Pete/GM: hurt?

He has a few precious breaths left.

Varren: Just going to briefly walk over to
where as he is bleeding out on the ground.

Sift that key ring of holy symbols
out and find the one for Gaza and just

press it into his chest for a moment.

Well, hopefully wherever you end up, at
least the winds and the waves will make

use of your body to revitalize this land.

The last thing you can do

Pete/GM: for good, he grasps your
hand and starts to do his own

little prayers under his breath
as blood is coming down his cheek.


Freya: sort of picked myself up.

Bleeding and just like the name Ken Po
isn't one that we are aware of, right?

This is not one we've heard before.

Not before.

Varren: Literally.

Freya: This is your fun chance to like
do any kind of good probably ever.

Because I hear you're kind of a bastard.


Pete/GM: is this person?

The skull faced smile and the fog.

The stick thin boogeyman who looks,
who lurks near the Wildwood, a

shadowy absconder of the overly
precocious, but kpo is no mere story.

The Slimmest Faye Lord of the
thin lands and powerful Beyond

Mortal Kin, and they've chosen me.

As their instrument, KPO sends the gogi.

KPO created the Abate curse, and KPO will
punish you for what you've done here.

Me, it just like sits down
just like I think you're wrong.

I actually think his kpo.

Person, creepy faced guy likes
me better than he likes you.

He actually visited me and like goes on
on this tangent about seeing some creepy

dude in the room and like disappearing
in shadows and like he likes me better.

Vin: And then Ben holds
his face like, and he looks

Pete/GM: like this, right?

This here.

So he found him, or rather he found you.

Yeah, I would never be
able to contact him either.

I'd just turn around and there he'd be
stepping out from the shadows behind

a tree or through a hole in the world.

Ney Bow is everywhere.

Ney Bow sees everything, but
you'll find out for yourself.

Yes, the Slim will come for you soon
enough, and he points right at Mia.

Mia like points at herself
and then looks behind her like

someone else has gotta be there.

Varren: Just kind of at this guy
on the shoulder for a moment.

Reach into a pocket on his coat
has pull out a couple little what

looks like essentially bulb earings
with a slight blue tinge to them.

You know what these

Pete/GM: are a shakes

Varren: his head.

These are cold iron.

Your master is a fa.

There's anything in this world
that I've known that I'm good

at since I've remembered what
happened since that moment.

I'm good at hunting monsters.

I'm gonna make sure every last one
of these ends up in this thin figure.

It shouldn't take too many if he's as thin
as you say and made of shadow, but I think

I have plenty enough to deal with him.

And besides, he left you here for dead,
couldn't care that much about you.

Pete/GM: He had his own agenda.

I had mine.

It was an understanding when he met.

We are kin betrayed by those we sought
solace in let down by the our communities.

Oh, I'm sure you are letting him down
now, but he helped you make it right.

He coughs.

You'll never find the
thin lands and he dies.

Good riddance.


No one liked you anyway.

Freya: We especially

Pete/GM: don't does that, you
know, scoot like kick dirt on

Varren: him thing.

Vin, we'll need to take a moment
to tend to our wounds here.

I'm Freya you are looking
quite thoroughly awful.

If I, I can't think of
a better word for it.

My brain's sort of out of it too.

I'm not looking the

Freya: best right now that since.

The fucking tournament at the


Varren: mim.

I don't suggest we stay around here
given those odd patches of darkness.

Perhaps leave the dying area
and we can take a break there.

But I do suggest we bring his body with
us, perhaps a sign of goodwill to the

oak stewards that he's been dealt with.

Pete/GM: Yeah, as soon as he
dies, the sky turns back into

a normal shade of twilight.

The grass is still dead, but the
circle is no longer expanding out.

So you did it.

You saved the day.

Freya: I rifle through his pockets.

Pete/GM: Barely.

You find drugs?


Varren: You know, I, I didn't want
to stereotype it, but the way he

was talking, I sort of assumed

Pete/GM: he's got a lot of drugs.

Tinder twig, FLA leaf.

Anyone healing serum oil and shiver?


Varren: I, none of us
should take any of these.

The spider makes the
shiver from my remembrance.

These are probably best left in the hands
of someone in town with the stewards who

can make something of them that isn't hard

Pete/GM: drugs.

I'll take it.

Varren: No, I tried it too.

We're specifically not
doing that right now.

We're not doing drugs
in the dying forest vin.

We could do drugs back in either,
we're not setting up a bonfire

with the sacrifice platform,

Vin: so we go like a mile that

Varren: way.

I'm tired and I'd like.

To go

Pete/GM: to bed.

Varren: Also, I'm still
bleeding quite a bit.


Freya: I, yeah, I would like to
replace all the blood that was

Varren: let, let out of my body.

It is supposed to be inside you.

Freya: It really is in the fact
that it's not is a big problem.

Maybe I can replace it with alcohol.

Varren: I wouldn't suggest that
sterilization probably water.

On the wounds?


On the inside.



Pete/GM: should just get some
sleepies via curls up and like

starts patting the ground.

Like I'll just make sleepies

Varren: here.

No, we're not sleeping
in the dying forest.

At least let us go back
when the forest is alive.


Freya: please carry.



Varren: walk.

Pick me up.

I can barely lift my gun at the moment.

Under trust is standing.

Then you came out of
that surprisingly well.


So drugs.

Vin: Mia, would you like
to take drugs with me?

Pete/GM: I've never done
drugs before, but Sure.

What are drugs?

Freya: Drugs.



Pete/GM: At least wait till I'm not here.

Freya: Will

Pete/GM: drugs?

You are worth a lot money to some people.


Vin: Bar.

We'll never do

Pete/GM: drugs.


You can't wink at

Varren: me.

You have to wink at Mia when you do this.

Pete/GM: Not me.

As you argue about drugs and head back to
seven arches, you also take with you his

plus one staph, dagger, hide, armor, and
leaf mask, as well as all of the drugs.

How will you find Kapo the slim and
will you recover the shadow wither key.

We'll find out next time after you
level up to two on ash and snow.

Ash and


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