Check Your Level 1 Privilege - Ashen Snow S1E7

Check Your Level 1 Privilege - Ashen Snow S1E7

In an ongoing struggle for survival, Vin, Varren, Mia, and Freya find themselves locked in a fierce confrontation with the malevolent druid necromancer, Bolan. The intensity of the battle is heightened by the imminent danger faced by a corrupted unicorn, its existence hanging in the balance. With the fate of Seven Arches at stake, the party is resolutely committed to thwarting Bolan's sinister plans and halting his advances before he can unleash irreversible harm upon the realm.

Aubrey Knotts, @MadQueenCosplay everywhere on the internet playing Freya Abernathy half-elf magus.
Archedas, @Archedas2, ugtarchedas on Instagram / tiktok playing Varren - Human Amnesiac Thaumaturge
Misfit, @Misfit_Playland across all socials playing Mia Kitsune Oracle
Christopher Rondeau, @skaldstale across socials playing Vin Tien, the Dark Champion
Pete from Rise of the Rulelords as the Storyteller

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Tracks Used:
Rat Battle
Pit Fighter
Solemn Vow

Original Compositions from Harry Scannell

Ashen Snow Theme
WA Transition