Birds are Better than Dogs - Ashen Snow S1E12

Birds are Better than Dogs - Ashen Snow S1E12

Chris/GM: You want to
have a pre session topic?

Pete/GM: No, I thought we already

Audrey/Freya: done that
crap um Yeah, it's combat.

That's a thing I'm gonna fight

Pete/GM: and hopefully he

Audrey/Freya: goes better
than he did last time.

I mean,

Archedas/Varren: look, if Kadipa wants
to show up and Mia wants to throw hands,

I just hope that his hands are capable
of catching bullets made of cold iron,

because he's gonna have a lot of those.

Misfit/Mia: I just have this image
of being thrown at Kniepo and

just being like, Claws out, Mia!

Audrey/Freya: Claws out!

Claws out!

Pete/GM: It's just

Archedas/Varren: a full raised cat,
except it's terrified in the process.

Chris/GM: Is this guy something

Pete/GM: special?

Like throwing a cat into water.


Archedas/Varren: Kniepo!

I bet you weren't expecting this!

We're gonna throw the person you've
been fucking, like, stalking at you!

Head first!

Pete/GM: Catch this fox!


Audrey/Freya: into this.

I'm into this idea.

I'm okay

Pete/GM: with it.

Archedas/Varren: Vin, I'm
gonna need you to throw her.

I don't have any strength and health.


Pete/GM: I need you to throw her.

I'm dex based.

It was not the first time

Chris/GM: I've thrown Mia across the map.

Pete/GM: Fair.


Audrey/Freya: have

Misfit/Mia: done that

Audrey/Freya: before.

Chris/GM: I'm just editing that
episode now, just talk, like, I

remember just sitting there thinking
like why is Mia making me roll

Pete/GM: for her?

Chris/GM: Like, why are we putting
this pressure on me to roll

athletics twice, and Mia is just
home free if I make it or not.

Archedas/Varren: Yeah.

Well, see, the trick is you get her
to turn into a fox and then you roll

her into a ball and you just bowl her.

Chris/GM: Ah, next time, next time.

Kniepo's now a pinball.

Archedas/Varren: You can
knock out their legs that

Pete/GM: way.

Archedas/Varren: I mean,
it's the Thin Man, they'll

probably just break his shins.

Misfit/Mia: Goddamn

Audrey/Freya: Thin Man.

Pete/GM: I'm terrified and full of
anticipation that one morning I will wake

and have found the thing I need to eat.

I will walk to a certain door
and knock, my mouth watering in

anticipation and my smile spreading
to reveal something altogether new.

Welcome to Ash and Snow.

We begin our tale back at the
outskirts of the Finland Farms where

a portal has opened in front of you.

However, there is also some danger
around you as three Temegirs

have emerged from the shadows.

What do you all do?

For clarification,

Chris/GM: we're outside

Pete/GM: the portal.

Yes, uh, you're very close to the portal.

Uh, you can easily Go through it.

You can make your stand here.

It's your

Chris/GM: choice.

Did these things come out of
the portal, or did they just

Pete/GM: manifest?

They manifested out of the
shadow of the tree line.

I mean, can they

Chris/GM: follow us into the portal?

Archedas/Varren: I would suspect
as much, just actively loading his

gun and getting just at the ready.


Chris/GM: I'll pull

Audrey/Freya: out my,
uh, I'll draw my sword,

Chris/GM: just in

Pete/GM: case.

It is a thin looking portal.

It's almost like someone
zipped open thin air.

And on the other side, you
can see this grayscale forest.

Uh, the trees look dead, but there
is a path clearly leading through it.

Kniepo seems to be summoning you, and
now pressuring you to go in, as the

Temigurs start to stride towards you.

Go ahead and have everyone
roll for initiative.

Audrey/Freya: Why?


Why is it again?

Oh man, why


Misfit/Mia: I do so good on initiative?


I never do good on initiative.

That's terrifying.

I don't

Audrey/Freya: want to make decisions.

Don't worry, one

Archedas/Varren: of the dogs also

Pete/GM: loved it.

Chris/GM: I would be the furthest away
from Varan as physically possible.


Pete/GM: There.

Got it.

You can be five more feet away.

Mia, you are first to notice It's
the growling from behind you.

You're also the first beyond
the Temugir, and see, within the

shadow is a tall, thin silhouette.

It's like an eight foot tall man
is standing there, just beyond

the sight of everyone else.

Though before you're able to really point
him out to anyone, the shadow disappears

further into the darkness of the forest.

And the only thing that you see
right before it totally disappears

is a finger pointing out towards you
and then making a gesture to come.

Misfit/Mia: I, I, uh, so Mia just kind
of like looks over her shoulder to Freya

and Viren and is just like, Uh, what

Pete/GM: do

Audrey/Freya: I

Misfit/Mia: do?

He's, he's kind of just asking me to
come over and I don't feel like that's

a good idea and like As she's kind
of, like, actively panicking, she's

raising her fists, like, trying as hard
as she can to be as tough as she can.

Pete/GM: Do you want to delay your
action until someone else goes?


Misfit/Mia: I like to think that Mia
is so afraid of everything that's

happening that she's kind of just

Pete/GM: frozen.


In that case, one of the
Temagirs runs towards Vin.

It is making this odd, echoey like bark.

As the dog like creature with
black eyes runs towards you and

then tries to bite at you then.


It strikes and is able to pierce
your skin for 8 points of damage.

I like being alive, I'm gonna apply a

Chris/GM: selfless shield as this purple
flame emanates right in front of me,

which creates hopefully just a little bit
of hesitation for him to pull back that

Pete/GM: strike.

But he's also slightly

Chris/GM: corrupted.

And more vulnerable to some of my attacks.

A little bit of that purple flame
emanates and remains on his body.

Just for a little while.

Pete/GM: Okay, so you will gain
resistance to piercing damage.

Equal to, uh, three points.

That eight points of damage
will be reduced to five.

The Temugir then tries to
pull out some of your shadow.

And I need a fortitude save from you.

Eighteen plus seven, twenty five!

At 25, that is a regular success,
and so you take no damage, as you see

a shadow of yourself being grabbed
like a ragdoll by the Temugir,

but is able to shake the dog off.


Archedas/Varren: Varen is rather
immediately just going to step his

way over, more in front of Mia.

It's kind of like a Probably
gets out of the way.

A definite, you're not going
this direction, I'm physically

putting myself between you and it.

I'm gonna get a quick glance at
this Temugir attacking Vin here.

Uh, we're gonna do a exploit vulnerability
on this Temugir, but that's a nat 1.

Very much more concerned with
trying to keep Mia out of the way.

This does classify as a recall
knowledge check, but sort of

distracted here to this Temugir.

Leaping at Vin, I'll end up being
flat footed against anything

that that one tries to do.

Quickly just level the gun, fire
off a shot at this one attacking

Vin, Uh, for a 16 to hit.

Pete/GM: That'll

Archedas/Varren: do it.

Doing 8 damage

Pete/GM: to that buddy.

Alright, the Temugu takes it.

Does look worse, but is
still pretty healthy.

Archedas/Varren: And after that, he's
going to just turn to the remaining

two and just shout out towards
where Mia was kind of directing

them, as like, he's over there.

Just call.

If you're wanting us to enter your domain,
you don't need to be sending these beasts.

Call them off and we'll

Pete/GM: go in willingly.

A second Temugir pounces towards Varan.

Archedas/Varren: Rushing up,


Pete/GM: know it's getting hit.

It bends into the light and then
reappears straight in front of

you, then tries to bite you, Varan.

Even as it's

Archedas/Varren: rushing in there, it's
gonna hit, but as it is rushing up, it

is gonna get another shot straight to it.

He's at the ready at this point.


Just not cl It's rushing too forward,
he's trying to keep an eye on the one

attacking Vin, trying to keep Mia adjusted
behind him and not getting charged at all.

Just doesn't manage to catch it.

Pete/GM: Okay, that is all
the actions for that Temugir.

The last one runs up to Mia.

I feel like I'm gonna get kidnapped.

It does try to grab you.

It's gonna do an Athletics
check versus your Fort DC to

see if it's able to grab you.

Roooooooooom That is a 10 total.

Your fortitude is 15.

So it fails to grab at you.

It is then going to try to intimidate you.

How does it intimidate me?

Just by growling really loudly.

Misfit/Mia: Me, I would
totally growl back.

Audrey/Freya: Just grrrrrr!

Pete/GM: So your Will DC is 16
and it rolled a 14 total, so

you're not intimidated by it.

It is odd that the other Timogyrs
have made such hostile actions

towards your party, and is seeming
to take a lighter touch with you.

Do you want to act now?

Misfit/Mia: Yeah, I'm gonna punch it.

Just like Freya taught me, you
just need to like, square up, and

like Try to punch it as hard as she

Audrey/Freya: can.


Bad dog!

I don't know if it's gonna work.

Archedas/Varren: Unarmed attack roll.


Chris/GM: attack.

This is gonna let her go

Archedas/Varren: bonk with your staff.

If you have a staff.

Misfit/Mia: If you have a staff.

I don't want to go bonk
with my staff though.

It's more of a seeing eyed staff
than, than a fighty fight staff.

There, there.

Archedas/Varren: Punch a dog.

In the eye.


Misfit/Mia: gonna, I, I feel,
wouldn't you say it like

Audrey/Freya: that?

Archedas/Varren: God!

I mean, they, they don't have,
they're, they're missing, like,

the entire face is a void of eyes.

Pete/GM: I'm just gonna, like,

Misfit/Mia: try to bop it on its nose.

Audrey/Freya: Like it's a shark?

Misfit/Mia: Yeah, like a shark.


I'm glad you

Pete/GM: understand.

You are welcome to try.

Go ahead and make that roll.

I don't bop it well.

No, you try to swing your fists
and the Temugir rears its head

back and you just push right by it.

That's only one action, though.

You have two more.

So, if

Misfit/Mia: bopping it isn't
going to work, yeah, I'm gonna

use magic, cause fuck this.

Part of my language.

Screw this.

Alright, so, Bia grabs the
end of her staff real fast

and kinda just blows on it.

She casts light on her staff,
and just kind of uses the light,

assuming that shadows aren't going
to Enjoy being touched by Light.

She just kind of lights the end
of her staff up and pokes at it.

Pete/GM: Okay, now Light does
have the somatic trait, which is

Manipulate, so it's going to get
an Attack of Opportunity at you.

Okay, ow.

That is a critical success with 28,
doing 12 points of damage to you, Mia.

Good try, Joel.

But yes, it isn't necessarily affected
by the light, but they won't be able

to use this kind of teleportation
ability that they have through shadow.

That is a very good call.

Then, is it safe to say weapons were out?

I would say so.

I got this one!

Audrey/Freya: Thank you!

Pete/GM: That would be a 23 to hit.

Alright, your foul chard makes it.

It's contact, dealing 12
points of damage, and we'll do

Chris/GM: one point of negative damage.

So as that sheroic happens,
this is something that's

probably hasn't been seen yet.

I can't remember if I described this,
but he brings the polearm down, slices

this dog creature right on the side,

Pete/GM: and then the flames

Chris/GM: begin to envelop within
the wound, expanding not a fire

attack, but something that is actually
sucking part of that life out of them.

Even he seems a little
surprised by this action.

And as he does, he goes, I intended that!

And we'll strike again.

Pete/GM: That is a natural 20!

A big spec.

Chris/GM: For 24

Pete/GM: damage.

Archedas/Varren: Well, it's red

Pete/GM: paste now!

Easily enough to kill that first Temigyr.

Chris/GM: With that, I'm going
to look at the one in front of

Varan, which I think would be the
closest one to my line of sight.

And much like they are growling at
Mia, I will try to imitate a growl

there using some of that fire that I
demolished with this particular Temugir

to create an intimidating glare.

11 plus 7, or 6 is

Pete/GM: 17.

A 17 will frighten that one
Temugir in front of Vin.

And that's me, Freya.

Chris/GM: I will take
a 5 foot step forward.

Audrey/Freya: Putting myself right
next to Mia, and then with my

weapon I am going to two action
spellstrike Gouging Claw against this

Pete/GM: Temugir.

That is a critical hit for 26.


Archedas/Varren: touch the fox!

Pete/GM: Yeah.


Bad dog.

Doing 8 points of damage to the Temugir,
and 10 more for the Gouging Claw.

The Temugir is still alive,
but looking very bad.

Because just

Misfit/Mia: looking at both of
you with, like, tears streaming,

like, I appreciate you so

Audrey/Freya: much!

As Freya casts Gouging Claw, she has
this now silvered short sword that

she has, uh, named the Talon, and it
itself kind of sprouts fangs from it.

As, uh, with an underhanded strike,
she will sort of rake it down the side.

of this Temugir, and, uh, that is
all three of my actions, one to

Chris/GM: step, two to spellstrike.

Pete/GM: Varen, with that first
Temugir now dead, it's your turn.


Archedas/Varren: just going to briefly
kind of interpose himself between Mia

and the one that's kind of pounded
itself back a little bit from Vin's

stare, and briefly just turn, keeping
his weapon loaded and ready at this

thing so it doesn't go to bite him, and
just briefly turn back to Mia a moment.



We're going to be fine.

You don't need to worry.

I'm worried.

Get yourself whatever distance
you need from this thing.

You'll be safe.


I don't know who I am.

I don't know where we're going.

What I do know is we're
going to kill the Thin Man.

This is going to be an encouraging
words from Varin, uh, a new

skill feed that I picked up.

I got a roll of diplomacy check here.

It's basically battle
medicine for stamina.

But instead of rolling Medicine,
I roll a Diplomacy check, a

skill I'm actually good at.

Pete/GM: DC is 15.

As a 24, nearly a critical success.


You are gonna be able to
give Mia back some stamina.


Archedas/Varren: So you are
gonna get back 1d8 stamina.

2 stamina back.

Pete/GM: That's 2 more than you had.

Yeah, it's

Archedas/Varren: 2 more
health than you had before.

I will take it.

Going to briefly Take a step and then
just fire off a shot at this one near Mia.

No time to look into what
these things are further.

This one is looking injured.

The other one's a bit hesitant.

So trying to get her some space
is the best option that he has.

Just leveling off this rifle and
Oh boy, that's gonna hurt with a 26

Pete/GM: to hit.

Another critical success!

This dog,

Archedas/Varren: it's already
injured, I, it's Have a gun.

Have 35 damage.

Audrey/Freya: Have 35 gun.

I cast gun.

Archedas/Varren: I level a
gun at this thing and blow a

hole from head to backside.

It is gone.


Misfit/Mia: just like, flakes
blood off of her robes, like,

that have now just stained, and
she looks down and she's like,

Audrey/Freya: This is acceptable.

Archedas/Varren: This is why
you don't wear white, Mia.

Varen just blasts this
thing, looks back at Mia.

Like I said, we're going
to kill the Thin Man.

Exactly like that.

You wanna

Misfit/Mia: talk about your suppressed

Pete/GM: rage?

The Temigear steps between Varen and Mia.

It then bites at Varen, trying to,
uh, reconcile some of the damage

that you've done to its teammates.

And unfortunately, that is a natural one.

Well, fortunate for you.

Doesn't do anything on its first strike.

On its second strike, it also
misses, with a 14 missing by

Archedas/Varren: Baron still
has his arm leveled to where he

was aiming for the other Temagir
that he just blew into oblivion.

And this dog comes up and goes to
try and bite his arm and the bird

just kind of pops out of the tattoo
and just pecks its nose twice.

Just, no, bad,

Audrey/Freya: stop.

Archedas/Varren: Birds are
better than dogs, fight me.

Pete/GM: Mia, you're up.

Misfit/Mia: She, she steps behind
Freya to just give the actual fighters

space to do the actual fighting.

Because Mia feels a little
overwhelmed, she's like, I really like


Audrey/Freya: I'm really in the moral
with you guys, the moral counter,

I just want to heal people, yeah.

Misfit/Mia: Anyway, I'm here.

Now just incoherently babbling to herself.

I am, not that I think it's going
to do much, but Mia will absolutely

try to hit it with a daze.


So she, she looks at the,
what are they called again?

I'm so sorry.


Mia turns back into a fox, cause
she feels safer as a fox, and then

through Freya's legs, locks onto this.

Creature and just tries to bombard it

Pete/GM: mentally and you succeed as
it only gets a 13 trying to beat DC of

18 so go ahead and roll that damage.


Take four mental damage from that.


Misfit/Mia: her tongue out like hmm

Pete/GM: screw you.

All right then.

I've been kinda surprised that everything

Chris/GM: is going on.

We've had a lot of very aggressive
attacks coming out of our side.

And at the moment, maybe I
just see a little sad dog here.

But that conviction to save Mia, and
seeing how sad Mia is as she slightly

retreats backwards, causes him to move
forward and will Reach out with his

hand as this purple flame envelops
and attempt a touch of corruption.

I need a fortitude save, please.


Archedas/Varren: Pet the dog, but

Pete/GM: also kill it.

It only gets a 13 for its fort save.

So you're able to damage it
even more for six more points.


Chris/GM: points of negative
damage as this flame envelops this

Temagear and his AC is reduced by

Pete/GM: two for one round.

As I do that,

Chris/GM: I use my third
action to swing for a miss.

Thirteen to

Pete/GM: hit.

So yeah, AC has been reduced by two.

That last strike missed though.

So I think that's all of your actions?

All of my actions.

Move on to Freya.

Can she end this fight?

Audrey/Freya: I am going to close
in on this Temugir, therefore, um,

pulling in the flank with Venn.

And I am going to just
slash out at it with

Chris/GM: my

Pete/GM: sword.

That is another critical success!

I did this.

Thanks to both your flanking
and to the reduced AC, 23.

Gets 10 after the AC, so you
damage it for 10 more points.

It is very near death.

Well then,

Chris/GM: let's

Audrey/Freya: follow it
up with one more attack.

As I see that my first one has hit
home, I will wind back and strike again.


Pete/GM: 19.

19 also hits.

For 2 damage!

2 damage is enough!

To finish off the last of the Timmygears.


You are now left in an open field, as
the portal continues to glow behind you.

Should we

Audrey/Freya: we probably shouldn't
waste any time at this point.

Misfit/Mia: Mia sniffs

Archedas/Varren: at it.

Viren just got his eyes locked to where
Mia had pointed out, Oh, he's over there.


Misfit/Mia: Viren, you
wanna talk about it?

You seem a little angry.

I'm worried.

Chris/GM: Vin remembers
he's mad at Aaron, and

Pete/GM: moves.

Archedas/Varren: Just a brief,
as he's just kind of moving away.

Good idea, Vin, we'll keep an
eye on Mia, make sure we're not

gonna get jumped from behind.

Fantastic work there, you gave Freya
the perfect opportunity in opening.

Uh, give Vin some encouraging words, too.

Chris/GM: I don't accept
them unless it works.

Archedas/Varren: I don't
accept them unless they work.

If I fail, you fail, because I said so.

Uh, well that's a nat 20.

So, uh, they work pretty well.

Uh, and you're gonna get 2d8 health.

Pete/GM: Or 2d8 stamina.

Vin, despite your protests, you can't
help but be inspired by Barron's work.

Archedas/Varren: You did good work.

Pete/GM: You can't tell

Audrey/Freya: me how good work I did.

But okay.

Pete/GM: Vin

Chris/GM: is grumpy and goes
to the corner to refocus.

Once, once Varen was nice, fine.

Still don't like you.

Misfit/Mia: After sniffing the
uh, the portal, Mia kind of trots

over to where it looked like Mr.

Creepyface was

Pete/GM: standing.

There is nothing but trees
in the actual tree line now.

Misfit/Mia: Of course.

Freaking course.

She trots back, very casually
now, like, Dee dee dee dee dee

Audrey/Freya: dee.

Archedas/Varren: Taking a look at
this portal, does it seem like it's

gonna be open for a moment, or is
this, like, a very brief window?

Like, do we have long enough

Pete/GM: for a ten minute rest?

That is entirely your call.

Do you think you can risk sitting
around for ten minutes with the portal

open, or are you gonna get inside?

Archedas/Varren: Do I think I could,
uh, esoteric knowledge this thing

and be like, this is a weird object?

I don't know what this is, and I want
to figure out if we might be able to

keep this open for a little while.

Pete/GM: Shit, maybe.

Archedas/Varren: I mean,
I'll toss an esoteric lure at

this thing if I'm allowed to.

Sure, go for it.

I don't think 11's gonna do much,
it's like, that's a weird portal.

Audrey/Freya: I mean,
we should, uh, probably

Chris/GM: just

Archedas/Varren: go.

We can see if we can find a spot
to catch our breath once inside.

I don't know how long it's gonna be open.

Yeah, we don't know when

Audrey/Freya: the next
one will open either.


Archedas/Varren: We'll have to figure that
out once we get in, perhaps it'll open

again once we deal with Gniepo, but he has
that key, supposedly, so maybe we can use

that, maybe that's how he's opening them.

We'll have to find out once we get it.

Freya, if legend is
correct, don't touch it.


Audrey/Freya: not gonna touch it, as
someone other than me can touch the key.

Archedas/Varren: Anyone else is fine,
just specifically I believe that

you are in danger if you touch it.

Audrey/Freya: Mm, yeah, it's the
thing that does the Opinubilate

Archedas/Varren: thingy.

From what we read, yes, it would seem.

And I like being alive.

Well, it does tend to be the
state most seem to enjoy, and

company's been enjoyed so far, so.

Are you ready,

Pete/GM: Mia?

I guess.

Chris/GM: Alright.


Archedas/Varren: walk right in.

Head on

Pete/GM: in.



You all step through.

And die.


Audrey/Freya: I'm sorry.

Archedas/Varren: You step through
the portal, there is a sheer cliff

face, it was all just wily coyote
painted, you walk off the side

Pete/GM: and fall.

I hope you've all enjoyed Ash and
Snow, make sure to check out other

Skulltale Entertaining Podcasts.

It's been a

Chris/GM: wonderful time.

Archedas/Varren: Uh, did you guys know
this was only a level 2 adventure path?

I didn't realize it.

That's right in the
campaign, it ends here.

Pete/GM: I was promised like two years of

Chris/GM: programming, guys.

Archedas/Varren: This is just
like a weird decision by Paizo.


Audrey/Freya: interesting, they
released two other books as well.

I guess they're

Archedas/Varren: just empty.

They're blank.

Straight blank.

They're blank except one random
page in size 8 font that says,

We got you, thanks for your

Pete/GM: money.

Ha ha!

Yeah, they watched the stars
and dreamers of the nameless

spire, just two blank books.

That they mailed out as a joke.

Chris/GM: Still more content than a D&

Pete/GM: D book.

Oh, shots fired.

Anyway, you enter into the true Finlands.

The whole area is dimly lit.

There isn't really a sun to speak of.

It's more like the kind of sky that
you might see on a winter's day where

it's just White and sort of bright,
casting enough light so that you

can see, but not exactly sunshine.

The light from Mia's staff, from the light
spell that she cast earlier, seems to dim.

Its area doesn't extend
nearly as far as it once had.

Your shadows seem to be well defined,
pitch black, not like the kind of dimness

with fuzziness that you might see.

In the normal world, but
sticking out very apparent.

Not worrying at all.


Misfit/Mia: plays with it.

She, like, picks her legs up and, and
sees what the shadow does in response.

Pete/GM: Your shadows
act just like shadows.

It is just eerily defined.

It's Almost like looking at a
Fanta Black painting of yourself

reacting exactly as you do.


Misfit/Mia: I will say Mia feels an
odd comfort in the dim light, because

it is something that she's used to.

That, that fading light from when her,
she's having a good idea or a bad idea.

Like, this is awkwardly
comfortable for her.

Archedas/Varren: And a Study it, watch
it move, see if there's any, like,

change at all in how fast it reacts.

And just briefly, pull out a
small notebook, write something

down real quick, set it back

Chris/GM: away.

Any, any

Pete/GM: place to catch your breath?


In fact, that's all that you can do.

As you're looking over your shadows, you
hear a, behind you, and the portal that

you stepped through is no longer there.

But yes, you can all take ten minute
rests, or however long you want.

As I sit there to meditate,

Chris/GM: I think Vin struggles
with who to meditate to.

He's been trying to meditate
to Irori his whole life.

He's from this monastery, he was put
there at a very young age, he Almost

kinda naturally goes back to that
space, saying those words in his

brain as he tries to clear his mind.

But, he thinks about that purple
flame around that Tenegir.

And, as he tries to focus on
Hirori, he finds himself thinking

in his head, Hey, uh, hey man, know

Audrey/Freya: anything about this place?

We're friends,

Pete/GM: right?

Are you trying to speak to the voice?

We're friends,

Chris/GM: right?

Scary voice in my

Pete/GM: head?

Uh, you don't get a response.


Chris/GM: hate you.

Almost as much as I hate Varan.

Okay, nevermind.

Archedas/Varren: You're already McBin's
brow furrowing a bit over there.

I'm sure he's fine.

Uh, that's me.

There you focus.

Varan just spends most of his
time readjusting, reloading

a couple of the spent shots.

It's less him reloading it and more
handing the ammunition to the weird

bird coming out of his arm that then
loads it into the gun before going

back into his arm and just kind of
glances down at it and just, I still

don't understand how I don't feel that.

We'll figure it out eventually.

Chris/GM: You get

Audrey/Freya: used to it.

I do the same thing with Jormungandr.

Say, as I hold up my snake, it
will also meld into a tattoo

Archedas/Varren: on my arm.

I think I'm getting the hang, slowly, of
how to load this thing, but still Strange,

the mechanism doesn't seem to work
properly and there's no powder necessary.

It's, it's odd.

Chris/GM: Well, not to interrupt this
discussion, Varin, where am I going?

Archedas/Varren: Well, I
don't know where exactly.

Just kind of briefly look around to
see if there was a path or something

in here we could see, right?

Pete/GM: Yes.

You are on a trail.

There is a clear division of trees
for you to be able to walk through.

Nothing is stopping you from going
any other direction, but there is

definitely a clear trail for you.


Archedas/Varren: logic dictates
that this is at least partially

tied to the first world.

By extension, don't wander off.

If we lose sight of each other, we could
be at the last time we ever see one of us.

Place changes at the mere whim.

I think our best bet would
be the presented path.

We're here to take care of the thin man,
and well Seems he's cleared a path for us.

Hopefully with less disgusting
monstrosity dogs with missing eyes.

How considerate of him.

I mean, if he wants to invite us to court,
it'd be easier for us to get there if

he stops trying to hound us, literally.


I, uh, I

Chris/GM: wrote a poem
about this not too long ago.

It's eerily Scary.

Uh, this is, this is from memory.

Um, Uh, In shadows deep, I trend this
eerie trail, A twisted path where

whispers, fears prevail, Each step
I take invokes a creeping chill, As

haunting whispers dance upon the hill.

The moon casts shadows, stretching
long and thin, unveiling

secrets buried deep within.

Each rustling branch, each
howl upon the breeze, ignites a

shiver, makes my heart unease.

Pete/GM: Yet,

Chris/GM: curiosity binds my weary soul,
to follow the trail, no matter the toll.

For in the darkness lies a tale untold,
a mystery that beckons, oh, so bold.

Though fear may grip me, I'll press on
ahead through haunted forests where the

lost have tread with trembling steps
I'll brave the unknown might in the

dark true courage finds its light So,

Pete/GM: uh, I'll go first.


Chris/GM: that

Audrey/Freya: was a that
was a really good poem.

Chris/GM: Don't don't off don't offer.

Okay I'll

Archedas/Varren: just go just keep your
eyes peeled Try to keep an eye out here,

but, uh, we're in his home now, so I think
what we might run into, uh Alright, Freya,

Chris/GM: you're in charge
of keeping an eye on Mia.

Varian, you're in charge
of keeping an eye on me.

Misfit/Mia: Alright, let's go!

Then Mia turns around and's
like, I'll keep an eye on you!

And just like, looks at you.

Pete/GM: The dark forest opens up
into a wide clearing of ash gray

grass and twisted thorn trees.

In the clearing's center squats an
enormous tree stump, its top broken off

at an angle, and huge roots rippling
through the dirt like leviathans in surf.

An ornate wooden door stands at ground
level between two giant roots, faintly

illuminated by a delicate paper
lantern full of tiny moving lights.

On the trees around you,
these skeletal looking birds.

With the feet like monkeys are somehow
able to fly winglessly through the

air and land on trees looking at you.

I do not like

Misfit/Mia: that.


Archedas/Varren: Uh uh.

Gonna keep the gun in hand here.


Chris/GM: hmm.


Archedas/Varren: huh.

Well, it seems the dogs have some Friends.

I would hesitate to call them bird
friends, but That definitely looks

like a beak and some featherless

Pete/GM: wings.

Archedas/Varren: Uh The giant void
of eyes, uh, is still horrible.

I don't see much other way to go,
but there is a lantern over there,

which seems oddly out of place.

A lantern?

Just gotta point down the
direction for the uh, paper lantern

hanging off one of the trees.

Uh, down this way.


Misfit/Mia: starts walking

Archedas/Varren: towards it.

Just kind of keep the group,
the group line up together.

Keep Mia in the center, don't let
anything jump in and grab her.

Uh, Baron's got his eyes peeled
for less dangerous creatures

and more, like, weird things

Pete/GM: in this area.

As you are approaching, each of
the Gorgas in the tree begin to

speak in a disjointed chorus.

As they say, moon fox, moon
fox, glowing bright, come to

the master, spread the night.

Misfit/Mia: Mia pretends
that she doesn't hear it.

She kind of like, tries to very stealthily
pull down a bandana to like, cover

the crescent moon on her forehead.

And, and just pretend
like nothing is happening.

She's just, Beep,

Audrey/Freya: beep a dee, beep a dee, beep
a dee, beep a dee, beep a dee, boop boop.

I don't hear

Pete/GM: anything's fine.

Archedas/Varren: It's kind
of modern Sylvan, a little

bit below speaking volume.

Finn's rhymes are better.


I'm disappointed, but, but
I shouldn't be shocked.

You've hired birds to be
your telegram operator.

Chris/GM: This is very true.

I will reply in Sylvan.

And Vin is still approaching the lamp.

Archedas/Varren: Varan's not lagging
behind at all, he's just got his eyes

watching these things to make sure
nothing dives down after anybody.


Pete/GM: same.

They're more just observing you, as their
heads turn in unison while you walk by.

Though they have no eyes to speak of.

Mia, you get the distinct
impression that each and every

one of them is watching you.

Misfit/Mia: Man, this is the worst
case of like Performance anxiety, ever.

Pete/GM: And you are in front of the door.

Misfit/Mia: There's a door?

I thought it was by a lantern.

Oh god.

Archedas/Varren: There's
a door right here.

When you say

Chris/GM: door, is it like a doorknob

Pete/GM: door?


Misfit/Mia: I poke the door.

With my staff

Pete/GM: first.

It hits a wooden door.

Archedas/Varren: Assuming we're doing
exploration actions, and I, we're

pretty much all seem to be searching.

I'm pretty sure Pete would let us know
if we need to do a perception check.

I think we're safe on the door.

Misfit/Mia: Uh, Mia comes to open it.

I feel like at this point
she's starting to get a little

annoyed with the creepy man.

Archedas/Varren: Set a
hand on Mia's shoulder.

Stick to the center, Mia.

We don't want him For all we know, he
could have an attendant on the other

side of the door ready to grab you.

Let Vin handle that.

I'll I'll

Pete/GM: open the door.

You open the door.

Inside is pitch blackness.

Mia, your light only extends so far.

About ten feet.

In front of you, rather than
the full, what, I think, 30 or

60 feet that it usually should?

Yeah, yeah, something like that.

20, 40.

Do you all walk in?

Provided it's

Archedas/Varren: seeming like
nothing's suspicious enough.

Chris/GM: Yeah, I'll be the
last one through the door.

Audrey/Freya: I'll make
sure Mia's in front

Chris/GM: of me.

Archedas/Varren: Make sure to close it
behind us if we can, if there's a lock.

Pete/GM: You all walk
inside, into the darkness.

closing the door behind you.

There is a moment of pitch black,
when suddenly, the room lights up.

There is a slight Bzzt as these
rectangular dim lights open up

in a perfectly rectangular room.

There is an unfamiliar looking kind
of wall about the wall and the roof.

As the roof has a sort of grid line.

There is a very small, thin carpet.

lining the entirety of the floor.

The lamps kind of buzz above
you with a hum, and flicker in

and out every once in a while.

On one of these flickers, at
the very end of the hallway,

suddenly appears a tall, thin man.

This is the first time Vin,
Varin, Freya, That you have

actually seen, Kniepo the Slim.

He stands in front of you, nine
feet tall, incredibly thin,

with large, spindly fingers.

His face is much bigger in
proportion to the rest of his

body, but has very small eyes.

But a large smile, with dozens upon
dozens of needle looking teeth.


Welcome, my queen.

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Audrey/Freya: You guys
can't look at me when we're

Misfit/Mia: doing something
serious because I'm a laugh.

I'm a nervous laugher.

Audrey/Freya: I'm already nervous

Pete/GM: laughing.

Archedas/Varren: I'm just
gonna slowly lean into the

Pete/GM: camera here.


Chris/GM: this is an audio podcast.

Pete/GM: Oh no.

Archedas/Varren: Oh

Audrey/Freya: my!

Jesus Sim!

Jesus Sim!

I was so afraid that this
is where that was gonna go!