A Little Loopy - Ashen Snow S1E13

A Little Loopy - Ashen Snow S1E13

Pete/GM: Chint record.

67 C5.

Name redacted.

Entry dated 16 Chthona 4722 AR.

Exhibit physical manifestations.

Various examiner's note.

The following details.

One of my few professional regrets.

This case I came in the early days
of my research into the missing

moment, but not so early that I was
completely in the dark, as I was

immediately after my own gate crossing.

Instead, I have the false
confidence of an academic who

thinks of himself as, possibly, the
preeminent authority on a topic.


Sadly enough, it will
show how very wrong I was.

Welcome to Ash and Snow.


Chris/Vin: know, that one wasn't as
creepy as some of the other ones.

I'm okay with that

Pete/GM: one.

Yeah, that one was He's allowed rights.

That was just a doctor reading

Archedas/Varren: his note.

He was dictating to his office
worker to write this down.

Pete/GM: Yeah.

Prelude, son.

Archedas/Varren: Now, when we find out
that what he's actually talking about is,

like, a dude with tentacles coming out of
his head, that's probably gonna be worse.

Yeah, that's a problem.

Chris/Vin: I should have

Pete/GM: put that on my safety tools.

No tentacle heads.

Chris/Vin: No tentacle heads.

Tentacles are fine.

No tentacle heads.

Just no

Pete/GM: tentacles on the heads.

Archedas/Varren: Specifically the

Pete/GM: head.

Uh, too late now.

Already in there.

Sorry, fella.

Archedas/Varren: Ramp.

We're really against aboleths here.

Pete/GM: Yeah.


Misfit/Mia: So, we We went and fought
these no eyed dog monster things, and

then we went in a portal, and then we
found a bunch of scary trees, and then

a lantern, and then a door, and now this
thing that's scary wants to marry me.

I'm scared.

Pete/GM: We resume back in a
long, nearly empty hallway.

There is a closed door behind you, and
in front of you is the looming figure.

of Kameepo the Slim.

The hallway is barren of decoration.

It is almost as lifeless as the
outside that you just came from.

Where there is only a couple of
buzzing lights above you, beige

walls to the side, a gridded white
roof, and a gray, thin carpet.

Kinipo appeared in a sudden flash,
or should I say opposite of a flash,

where a light went out for just a
second, causing a shadow at the very

end of the hallway when he appeared.

His tall, frail body betrays
the menace that he seems to

exude as he grins maliciously
at all of you with shadowy eyes.

And a smile full of pointed teeth.

His long finger reaches
out and points at Mio.

You are more important to me than
you can possibly know, Moon Fox.

I am glad you have accepted my invitation.

Misfit/Mia: Accept is a strong word.


Aubrey/Freya: step in front
of Mia, between Mia and

Pete/GM: Knieppel.

Aubrey/Freya: I'm

Misfit/Mia: sorry, I'm
getting a nervous laugh

Pete/GM: this whole time.

I wouldn't expect you to
come without some resistance.

But not to worry.

Once your friends have been taken care
of by my subjects, I believe you'll

find this to be a very welcome respite.

Are you saying that?

How long is your freaking halberd?

I stab

Aubrey/Freya: him from the
other side of the hallway.

Archedas/Varren: It just ex when
did you get an extending rune?


Aubrey/Freya: do

Pete/GM: I have to do this to you?

You run towards him with your falchard.

He doesn't flinch.

He simply continues to grin
as you get closer and closer,

yelling with a primordial rage.

Then, as quickly as he appeared, one
of the buzzing lights flicks off.

Causing a temporary darkness at the
end of the hallway, and he's gone.

You continue to run, nearly having
stabbed him, but then careen into the wall

behind you, where there is a simple door.

Archedas/Varren: You

Chris/Vin: good?


Don't do that again.

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, that
definitely seemed like a bad idea.

Chris/Vin: Seemed like
a good idea at the time.


Aubrey/Freya: I meant more the
running into the wall part.

Oh, that was a bad idea.

Yeah, the stabbing Kniepo.

Very good idea.


Archedas/Varren: Varen?

Varen's just remaining close, but hasn't,
since he appeared, hasn't said anything.

No response, didn't level the
gun, kind of expected that this

wouldn't be the final confrontation.

Just glances past.

He doesn't look checked out,
he looks analyzing things.


Just processing what had happened.

This kind of rolls a shoulder a moment.

Well, it should be more
interesting than I thought.

Judging from wherever it just kind
of gestures around to the hall.

This is.

I can't say for certain that I
don't have much choice but to follow

wherever he decides to have us go.

What if I

Chris/Vin: stab at the wall?

Archedas/Varren: Well, judging from how
far in we are at this point, you either

end up on the other side of whatever
that hallway is, or be hacking through

whatever this material is and tree limbs
for a few hours to days before you manage

to get back out to where the door led.

Uh, Flayleaf

Pete/GM: anyone?

Aubrey/Freya: Mmm, probably not
the great, best idea right now.

I don't think

Misfit/Mia: that's a
good idea at the moment.

Okay, I'm gonna open this door then.



Definitely after.

Pete/GM: I will go up to the door.

You open up the door.

Behind it is a much larger room
that looks very similar to the

hallway that you're in right now.

Except that it has hallways within itself
branching from different directions.

There's two on each wall facing you.

The thing that is perhaps Most odd,
though, about it, when you enter

into the room, is a music that
reverberates around the entire room.

It's just this light, doo doo doo, doo
doo, doo doo doo, doo, doo doo doo.

It's, doesn't sound very clear, it almost
sounds like it's muffled behind something.

And yet, you can't see a clear
source for Where it's coming from.



Archedas/Varren: Lift one side of
his hat, his hat up and just kind

of like, jab at his ear a moment.

Well, it's, didn't sound any
different when I plugged up my ear.

Same volume, same pitch.

Try to

Aubrey/Freya: look around and
see where it's coming, where the

source of the music is coming from.

Misfit/Mia: Is it coming from our

Pete/GM: brains?

You are looking around and you
would expect to see like, you know,

a bard, or A band troupe, but it's
seeming to just come out of the roof.

It echoes throughout the hallways
that you approach, and seems

to be coming from nowhere.

Is it

Misfit/Mia: from the other dimension?

Actual reality?

Not this weird pocket dimension?

Yeah, at this point Mia's just
kind of like, throwing ideas

like, Is it, is it people?

Can we see figures

Pete/GM: of people?

Archedas/Varren: Not an
instrument I recognize.

Pete/GM: You don't see any other
people in the immediate vicinity.

Misfit/Mia: Even, like, shadowy people?

Mm mm.


Chris/Vin: What if we just go very fast?

Just start clearing out as much
as we can, and hope for the

Pete/GM: best.

Because I like that idea better than

Chris/Vin: going slow.

Aubrey/Freya: Something to be said

Archedas/Varren: of that.

Going fast may work, but it
could result in us getting lost,

especially if one of us lags behind.

Pete/GM: Where is that?

It'll be me.

Archedas/Varren: I suggest a
moderate pace, stay together.

Uh, just kind of pull out his
short sword and experimentally,

like, stab into one of the walls.

Just, not like trying to jab the sword
in, just like, get the tip enough so where

he slides it forward it leaves a mark.

Mm hmm.

Enough where you can like, drag it
behind him essentially and leave

like a Scratch along where they go.

We follow along going there.

If I stay close enough to the wall,
that should keep us at least knowing

that we've been this direction.

I can mark off an arrowhead when
we reach an end point as far

as where we went from there.

Everything here is meant It
just kind of pauses a moment.

You're confused.

Everything here This is Kniepo's domain.

This is his home.

He's invited you here, as it were.

What do we know about Kniepo?

What are his goals?

What does he do to people?

Pete/GM: Uh, so far

Misfit/Mia: he's just been
kind of scaring the crap out

Pete/GM: of me.

Archedas/Varren: Precisely.

Everything we run into here
is something within his means.

Something he believes
will terrify mortals.

Getting lost in an endless maze of unknown
origins certainly is one of those things.

I think our best solution
is to just not be afraid.

Misfit/Mia: Okay, that's easier
said than done for some of us.

She kind of like, kicks the dirt
a little bit, like, I'm gonna try,

but I don't, I make no promises.

Aubrey/Freya: Would it make you
feel better if you held my hand?

Misfit/Mia: No.

She just kind of like, clutches
her, her walking staff a little

tighter and is like, I'll be

Aubrey/Freya: okay.

If you need it,

Archedas/Varren: let me know.

I'm not a survivalist of any sorts,
I'm, I don't find my way out of

mazes for fun or travel the woods
often, but The best bet we can do

is, from my understanding, just keep

Pete/GM: going left.

So wait, are you saying

Misfit/Mia: we can fight him with

Pete/GM: laughter?


Archedas/Varren: will reach
him easier if we're not afraid.

There is

Aubrey/Freya: a spell that makes
someone laugh uncontrollably.

Sadly, I do not have

Pete/GM: that spell.

If you didn't know

Misfit/Mia: that spell existed, I should

Pete/GM: probably learn that.

That sounds really fun.

Aubrey/Freya: This is a
very, very good spell.

I just unfortunately, um,
don't have it in my repertoire.

Archedas/Varren: It is.

One thing that I should probably
test beforehand, but I doubt

he'll leave this maze empty.

I'm sure we'll run into some sort of
tamagyos or whatever those birds were

outside or something of the other sort.

The music's distant, no matter where
we he just kind of walks around

in like the same 20 foot area.

Doesn't change direction, it doesn't
sound different, passing by a wall or an

opening doesn't seem to change anything.

There's a chance if we end up
in a fight, it may be muted,

but I could confirm that for us.

The danger is if there's something lurking
within here, I could very well draw

Pete/GM: it to us as well.


Misfit/Mia: I don't

Pete/GM: have answers.

I don't know.

Chris/Vin: I think we just
walk bravely, sing some show

tunes, and hope for the best.

It's a show

Pete/GM: tune.

Misfit/Mia: She just looks
around like, it's a show

Chris/Vin: tune.

Let me tell you about
all the showtunes I know.

I'll sing really loudly and obnoxiously.

Pete/GM: To drown

Archedas/Varren: out the sound.

I can't say this in character because
it's not a joke Baron would make at all.


Pete/GM: Shawtoons.

Aubrey/Freya: I can't
believe Ben knows this.

It's all for me,

Archedas/Varren: I'm done, bye.

Baron's gone, he's falling
through the floor, I'm done.

I hate myself for that joke.

Chris/Vin: NDA, NDA, can't

Pete/GM: talk about it.

Can't talk about it.

Archedas/Varren: For now, best
option, let's keep going forward.

I'll mark our path with
the sword and the wall.

From there we'll at least know
we've been in a direction.

Provided the wall doesn't
mend itself behind us.

Pete/GM: I like to think I sing on key.

Misfit/Mia: You're just, this is, this
is totally an out of character thought

but like For in character stuff.

You just gave me a really good idea.

Mia's going to put, not that it's going
to help her in any way, shape, or form.

She's going to just put chalk
on the end of her walking stick.

Just chalk up wherever she's been.


Aubrey/Freya: that works.

Archedas/Varren: Perhaps a mark on the
outside will stay if it does happen

to fix whatever damage the sword does.

Who knows?


Uh, Varan has no survival skills.

Uh, I'm on trade in survival
and have a plus one.

But he's gonna be just kinda like
inspecting the walls and the weird

lights and the music, and just trying
to make sense of this from any weird

object he thinks he might have on his
person that could help with this, or

some, like a broken compass that somehow
occasionally points the right direction

that might work, uh, and just try to
figure this out in any weird esoteric way

he might be able to, just going along.


Pete/GM: So you go to the
nearest leftward hallway?

That's the

Archedas/Varren: goal.

I've seen enough mazes on tavern menus
to entertain children that, you know,

if you keep going left along the wall,
Sure, you'll hit some dead ends, but then

you'll loop back around and come back,
and you'll eventually get to the end.

Provided it's one continuous wall.

If there's a break in the
maze, then it becomes much more

Pete/GM: difficult.


I have

Chris/Vin: a lot of questions
about that statement.

Like, you have no memory, so for
the last six months you've just

been looking at children's menus?


Pete/GM: you're looking

Archedas/Varren: for work in
monster slaying, a lot of the

time you end up in taverns.

I don't have a home, where
do you think I sleep?

Pete/GM: Off the kids.

Under a rock.


Archedas/Varren: rooms, and
some of them have to entertain

the populace of children.

I'm not

Chris/Vin: hungry enough for a full meal.

I will take the kids
mac and cheese, please.

Archedas/Varren: Milk is a commodity.

If they have mac and cheese
at all, that's quite an honor.


Pete/GM: all nervous.

We're all

Misfit/Mia: giggly.

Pete/GM: You go down
the leftwards hallway.

You came out of a section.

of Hall with a little door in
it, connected to this room.

Each wall has two hallways going down it,
so you turn to the first one to your left.

As you're walking down it, you
see that it itself turns left.

This whole time the music has continued
to play, not sounding like you're getting

any closer or further away from a source.

The lights hum above you.

As you walk, and each of your steps
has this kind of muted echo to it.

Have any of you

Misfit/Mia: experienced
lights like this before?

Archedas/Varren: Well, I've never been
to the first world, and I can't say

that anything here should make sense,

Pete/GM: so.

Aubrey/Freya: Look, there are some
professors at their Canimerium

that have some really questionable
ways of teaching things.

I had one professor see us in like a
dimension of darkness and then was like,

Your goal today in class is to get out.

Isn't that

Pete/GM: dangerous?

And I'm like, yes.

Can affect the closest

Archedas/Varren: approximation I
have is some feature was haunting

the old upstairs of someone's home.

The attic space

Pete/GM: found some odd

Archedas/Varren: skeletal creature
that was capable of it for a time.

It stole my voice, spoke back to me in it.

The closest I can approximate
to an odd sound or anything, but

nothing like that in here I've seen.

Pete/GM: As you turn the corner,
you see that further down the

hallway is a larger room, similar
to the one that you just came from.

I go down to the room.

Chris/Vin: Yep.



Pete/GM: Follow.

Down the hallway, you emerge
from another one of those kind of

entrances like you saw in the last
room, but straight ahead of you.

On the opposite wall, you see
the little nick that Varyn left.

That's not good.

Wait, we're going in circles?


Archedas/Varren: This
one loops us back around.


Pete/GM: only have one other option.


Misfit/Mia: something slightly not.

It's probably not gonna do anything.

But Mia's gonna go ahead
and cast Dancing Lights.

See what that

Pete/GM: does.


You cast Dancing Lights?


It's a cantrip.

Where are you placing them?

Uh, just kind

Misfit/Mia: of all around Hardy, so
like, everyone has their own little

Pete/GM: floating

Archedas/Varren: area.

About how much of a distance would it
have been from, like, where we started?

First left turn, then the
turn that came down to

Pete/GM: see this room.

Each of the hallways is about 30 feet.

So, you went 30 feet, turned, and then
another 30 feet, and then entered.

A similar square room and your
mark was directly on the opposite

side of the room from the hallway
that you just came out of.

I wanna

Archedas/Varren: try something.

Do any of you have rope on you any length?


Pete/GM: 10 feet or more I should do?


Archedas/Varren: uh Yeah, I do.

Maybe I'm just gonna just from his bag,
start pulling out 50 feet of rope here.


Uh, tie it off with the other one.

You can have this back once we're done.

I just have a thought here.

He's going to

Pete/GM: need rope.

Archedas/Varren: Can
you just like, briefly?

He's going to think for a moment.

Vin, Freya, stay with me.

Stay here.

And he's gonna, like, in the room
that we stepped into from the

hallway, tie the rope around him,
and hand the other end to Vin.

I got it.

I trust you enough to, if you feel
a tug on this, pull me back in.

Pete/GM: Got it.

Archedas/Varren: He's going to
walk back to the hall that led

into this room, and just start
walking backward, down the hall.

Like, facing the party, just continuing to
walk backwards until he gets to the turn.

Turning backwards and continuing to walk

Pete/GM: that way.


Eventually, yes, you do hit the back wall
to the hallway that you just came from.

Just turns,

Archedas/Varren: continues to go back.

Theorizing that, if this is the
same starting point, they should

see him when he walks to the end of

Pete/GM: that hall.


Varyn, you continue to walk backwards.

You see the rope that is tied
to your waist getting more taut.

Freya, me, and Vin, on your side of
the hallway, you see that the rope

is continuing to unfurl as there is
movement on the other side, until

eventually it also becomes stiff and
starts to bend across the hallway.

Varyn, you get to the other side,
nearly reaching the end of the hallway

that you're currently in, when the
rope gets taut around your waist.

Archedas/Varren: Would I be close enough
to where the first hall looks into to

just, like, set a hand around the corner?

And just, like, wave
so that they could see

Pete/GM: if it was there?

Not quite that close.

You're about ten feet short
with a fifty foot rope.

Uh, that's why

Archedas/Varren: I tied the
other bit of Freya's on.

That would be

Pete/GM: longer than 50 feet.

Oh, okay, gotcha.

It would be up to 100 feet.

100 feet, I see, gotcha.

Okay, then yes, you're able to just
keep on going around the corner.

Archedas/Varren: Varen's mind, this is
just, it looked like we went in a circle.

If that is what happened, and they are now
back in the room we started in, going this

way should have them see me at the end

Pete/GM: of the hall.

You get out into the larger room.

And again, you see the mark
that you left on the wall behind

where you would have started.

So, this, in your cardinal directions,
is where that mark should be

with that hallway being there.

However, you don't see the
others in this room at all.

Freya, Mia, and Vin, on
your side, you see the rope.

Continuing to unfurl, and unfurl, and
unfurl, and then eventually get taught.

Alright, well, I'm waiting for a tug.

Can we still see him?

He is well behind the hallway.

I'm gonna wait for a tug.

Chris/Vin: Then I'm gonna wait like
a minute, and if there's no tug,

I'm gonna pull him back anyway.

Pete/GM: He's

Archedas/Varren: gonna stand there,
like, looking back at the main room

where we first started for about ten
seconds, just to see if anything happens.

And then just start walking back
along the length of the rope.

So it would go slack again, and just
continue walking down the hallway.

Pete/GM: GRIFFIN Yeah, the rope does
go slack as you walk around the corner.

And then you see the same familiar
sight, a long hallway with a bigger room

at the end, but no Freya, Mia, or Vin.

But there is someone in there.

Freya, me and Vin.

On your side, the rope is taut.

There hasn't been a tug or a shout.

After about a minute,
I'm just pulling it in.

You start to pull it.

As you pull the rope, it pulls back.

I pull back.

Chris/Vin: I

Aubrey/Freya: will assist Vin in pulling.

Pete/GM: I will also help.

All three of you.

start to grab the rope and are pulling it.

Give me athletics checks.

Misfit/Mia: I'm so good at athletics.

Chris/Vin: Uh, 15 plus 8 for a 23 for me.

Uh, a

Aubrey/Freya: 12 plus 5 for a 17.

Here it is.

Oh yeah!

Pete/GM: 16 plus 1 also for a 17.


That is a normal success
for all three of you.

You pull the rope really, really hard.

As you do, the rope suddenly goes slack.

And you all fall back into the
room with a loose rope in hand.


Misfit/Mia: look at
everybody and I'm like,

Chris/Vin: We should go get him.

Yes, we should go get him.

How much rope am I

Pete/GM: holding?

I'm sorry, what did you say?

How much rope am I holding?

You're holding probably the first 50 feet.

You can see the knot that
was tied between the two.



Chris/Vin: running down the hall.

I'm not running faster than my party.

Misfit/Mia: I am, yeah, running as

Archedas/Varren: fast as I can.

Can I add something for
you Pete, just for flavor?

Pete/GM: Sure.


Archedas/Varren: quick glance at where
the rope cuts off, definitely looks like

Pete/GM: where a sword sliced through it.

I like that.


Varyn, in front of you there
is the same large room.

There is a man in here.

It's not Kniepo.

It is a normal sized looking being.

They are squatted in the middle
of the room with not really

anything more than a loincloth.

And you can see the ridges of their
spine as their back is faced towards you.

And they squat in a huddle.

in the middle of this room.

You can't, from this end of
the hallway, make out what

they might be saying or doing.

Archedas/Varren: He's
not gonna go to do much.

He's not, he briefly, like, notices
this figure, sees the room he's in,

and just sort of turns to look back at
the hall that he's still standing in.

Before, very, he doesn't fully turn
his vision to look back at this thing.

Because he wants both it in his
peripheral, so if it moves at

all, he'll notice it moving.

But also keeping an eye on the hallway
behind him, so if anyone approaches

inwards, or the hallway starts to do
anything weird, he's got an eye on it.

Han does slowly shift
down to Griff Longwinter

Pete/GM: at his side.

Look down both hallways at the same time.

Down one is a completely empty large room.

And then towards the other is the
large room with the man inside of it.

He's gonna

Archedas/Varren: slowly step his way
back to where the turn to this hallway

facing this room with the guy in it is.

And just get right to the edge.

Like right where he would turn
to go away to the next hall.

And call back down the hallway.

Are you one of Kniepo's attendants, sir?

You're supposed to be
having audience with him.

Pete/GM: He doesn't really
acknowledge you from there.

He's gonna

Archedas/Varren: keep his
distance for a moment.

Very briefly thinking on this.

Can I do an esoteric lore check on
if this is any kind of creature I

have seen before or anything about?

Like, he's hunched over
in just a loincloth.

In the center of this room, there's
some weird stuff going on here.

This is Fae bullshit, if I've
ever heard of Fae bullshit.


Let's see what we get here.

That's almost a 19 on the
die, but that's a 9 instead,

Pete/GM: so 17.

This looks to be a Fetchling,
which you know are humanoid.

They come from the Shadow,
the Plane of Shadows.

I almost said Shadow Realm.

That's Yu Gi Oh!

coming out.

They have a I call this guy.

Yeah, they have a kind of bluish
tinge to their skin, and white hair.


Archedas/Varren: hesitate a moment for
certain, just kind of, don't trust this.

And he's trying to buy time before he
has to like actually engage anything

to see if the party catches up at all.

But after that about minute would
take until Vin would cut the rope.

He starts to enter the room again,
just from the entryway of the room, so

he's still got the hallway behind him.

You do not hear me from down the hall.

Pete/GM: You see his head kind of
tilt as he looks behind his shoulder,

and then keeps on doing something.

I don't have time for you.

Archedas/Varren: Well, if you don't
have time for me, that's fine.

I'll simply head on my way.

I just need to know where to
go, or I'll be out of your hair.


Pete/GM: heh, get out, he says.

Find his way, he says.

Do you see?

And he turns, and you can
see the fullness of his body.

There are lines scarred into his flesh
in all kinds of different directions.

Some overlapping, some looking like rooms.

I'm the mapmaker, and there is no way out!

And Vin, you run around the
corner, and for the first time

you see something different.

This is not the hallway
that you came down before.

You would have noticed
the things on the wall.

There are paintings lining a
much longer hallway than the

one you originally came down.

That's not

Aubrey/Freya: good.

What do these paintings show?

Pete/GM: They're 10 framed paintings.

Each glows softly as it depicts figures
silently moving again and again through

a sort of repeated motion of scenes.

One of them portrays a creature
that looks like Kinipo,

awakening in a dark, mossy bower.

Another one that you look like, that
you look at, shows The same creature,

kneeling before a massive, cloaked fae.

Each one you look at
tells a kind of story.

You see that Kimipo was taken
in by bogeymen, or bogeys.

But then trapped in this log by elves.

You see them holding a key
that looks like a leaf.

Half of it is this kind of green,
and half of it looks metal.


Aubrey/Freya: thing we're
probably looking for.

Misfit/Mia: Mia pulls out her tiny
little book, like, makes a rough

sketch of what this leaf looks like,
and like, tucks it back in her bag.

Pete/GM: As you continue down the
hallway, you see one final painting.

It's of Mia in her fox form,
with glowing blue eyes.

As her moon shaped scar glows
in the same kind of color.

In the depiction, it looks like
there is just blackness behind her.

But then you start to see a figure emerge.

A silhouette like Kinipo.

With its large head and spindly fingers
starting to reach around her fox form.

Misfit/Mia: God, fam.

Do not like.

Do not like at all.

Is this, is it, okay, so is the picture
actively moving, or is it the longer we

look the more features we can see in it?

Pete/GM: It's kind of both.

Oh god, that's horrible.

It's not like those ones from the wizard
story that we shall not name here.


It's kind of like those images,
those puzzle images, where the longer

you look, the more it looks like
there's shapes coming out of it.

But they are definitely not static.

There is a motion to them.

I'm still

Misfit/Mia: freaked out.

Can I, like, knock it

Pete/GM: off the wall?

Pause at it.

Yeah, you can knock at the wall.

Can I

Misfit/Mia: knock the painting off?

If you want to.

I feel like

Aubrey/Freya: this is a

Pete/GM: really bad idea.

Chris/Vin: I think, uh, just as an
aside, Vin is, like, trying to move on.

Pete/GM: Because we're

Chris/Vin: still looking for Varin.

So I think Vin's probably like,
15, 20 feet away from whatever

crazy thing is about to happen.


Aubrey/Freya: I don't want
to leave Mia alone, so I will

definitely be very close to Mia.

Misfit/Mia: I'll say this, if
Mia notices Vin walking off,

she'll continue to walk off.

Like, she'll follow, but if she
doesn't notice, then I'm so sorry

I'm about to knock this painting off

Pete/GM: a wall.

Okay, you continue to Walk down, and you
see that where the hallway should have

turned into the same large room that
you came from, It turns to the right.

Not the left.

Not the left.

Not the left.

Chris/Vin: We're, we're
following, I guess.

I'm following

Misfit/Mia: whoever's in front.

Pete/GM: I think it's me, so I keep going.

You continue down the hallway, and see
that there is a, another large room.

In front of you, but there is a
distinct difference with this one.

In the middle of this large
room, there is a hole.

From this vantage point, you can't
see what is down the hole, but you

can distinctly see that it takes up
a considerable amount of the space.

Do we skirt around it?

Are you going up to the room?


To look in the hole?


You take a Look down, and you see bodies.

Dozens and dozens of elf bodies.

Mangled, disfigured, pale.

I'm gonna stop Freya, hopefully.


Chris/Vin: like, uh, maybe not this way.

Um, be brave, don't be
afraid, not this way.

Dead end.

Pete/GM: Yes, then why don't
you make me a medicine check?


Chris/Vin: Okay 14 plus 0 is 14

Pete/GM: you have Heard enough
stories where even a cursory glance?

Makes you think you know what you're
looking at these seem to have been the

early test subjects for the obnubilate
curse I don't know what to do with that

Chris/Vin: information.

Besides, not this way!

Not this way.

Aubrey/Freya: Yep, dead end.

Dead end.

Other way.

Chris/Vin: Clearly

Archedas/Varren: lying,

Pete/GM: by the way.

It's just not I

Aubrey/Freya: think we're all
frazzled enough that I'm not

really looking into it too much.

Chris/Vin: Would we have been
able to like, jump the hole?

Is it actually

Pete/GM: a dead end?

You would be able to go around the hall.

There is enough floor space.

That's not the answer I wanted.

But as far as just like careening
over it, Not at this level probably.

Was there

Chris/Vin: a door on the other side
or a hallway on the other side?

Pete/GM: Uh, as far as the layout
goes, it has the same layout of two

empty hallways on each of the walls.


Chris/Vin: I got a moral conundrum.

I don't Uh, I'm gonna
turn around the corner.

Do I see the pictures?



Pete/GM: I turn the
corner, do I see the hole?



Chris/Vin: I think, Freya, if you
just look up as we skirt around the

room, this might be our best bet.

Just look up!

Aubrey/Freya: Okay, why?

You know, actually,

Chris/Vin: I think I got,
like, a blindfold right here.

Why don't you just put this on?

Misfit/Mia: Enough looks down.

She wants to understand why
Vin is being so extra weird.

Pete/GM: Mia, it's probably less the
sight as it is the smell that your

fox senses are able to perceive.

That tells you exactly what's down there.

Misfit/Mia: Vin, is there dead things down

Chris/Vin: there?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Freya, hang on.

Here's, here's, uh Sock!

Put this around your

Pete/GM: eyes!

Heaven only smells

Misfit/Mia: like decomposing
bodies down here.


Aubrey/Freya: if I could smell the
decomposing bodies, I'm going to look.

Chris/Vin: No, no, no, oh,

Pete/GM: there she goes, okay.

Freyja, you see the same thing now.

You ever heard about

Chris/Vin: the Obelix curse?

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, that's the thing,
the reason why, you know, elves weren't

allowed in the city, cause, you know.


Chris/Vin: if, uh, uh, uh,

Pete/GM: uh, Let's move on!



I guess I'll take my

Chris/Vin: sock

Pete/GM: back, okay.

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, thank you, I actually
didn't really want that on my face.

It was clean!

Chris/Vin: I don't think I wear socks.

I don't know why I have one.

Misfit/Mia: We're winning.

We're winning, y'all.

Aubrey/Freya: Our brain cell has
disappeared, and we're falling apart.

Um, can I, can I roll any kind
of, like, Arcana check to, like, I

don't know, get, get, like, a vibe?

A vibe check?

A vibe check?

A vibe

Pete/GM: check.

Sure thing.

Aubrey/Freya: I'm gonna hero point that.

I have a hero point, I'm gonna use it on

Pete/GM: that.

Yeah, that's a natural one.

It's better to

Aubrey/Freya: 14, not

Pete/GM: much better.

You can tell that many of the corpses
down here are different than what

you have heard the Omnibullet curse
actually ending up doing to elves.

There are some that are
just large and bloated.

There are others that look like
they've been completely emaciated.

There are some that look like Their
legs have been replaced with their arms,

and others that just look torn in half.

So lovely.

Aubrey/Freya: Great.

I'm gonna have nightmares for

Chris/Vin: weeks.

Don't think about it, just keep going,
just keep going, going, going, going.

Aubrey/Freya: Going,
going, going, going, going.


Chris/Vin: think I heard
a fish sing that once.

Uh, we will skirt around to get to

Pete/GM: the other side of the room.

Okay, you get to the other
side, and there is Yet another

hallway that you can go down.

Are we making any progress?

That's a good question.

Like, how the fuck did Varin
get around all this stuff?

Did he get around?


Misfit/Mia: starting to think
that Varin went a different way.

Or he was forced to go a

Pete/GM: different way.

I think it's

Chris/Vin: smarter than me.

So if I was Varin, what
would I do at this moment?

Start pacing

Pete/GM: like Varin does.

Misfit/Mia: Is this one of those where
we're putting ourselves in Varin's Choose

to figure out where the fuck you went.


Chris/Vin: I start marking the
wall with my, with my polearm.


Aubrey/Freya: yes, I'm barren.

I have no memories.

I have a strange bird friend.


Pete/GM: think

I know everything.

The party

Archedas/Varren: actively descends

Pete/GM: into madness.

Misfit/Mia: Hahahaha!

Chris/Vin: Just of note, friends,
we do need to make some progress

by the end of this episode.

Aubrey/Freya: Um, I have, I have the
worst idea and I don't want it to be true.

Jump in the hole.

No, that we all have to separate.

We all have to go our, like, we have to,
you know, that was my, that was the idea

that got out of my head, is we all have to

Misfit/Mia: I'm not a fan of this idea.

I'm just saying I'm about to be made
a foxy bride and I'm not into this.

Pete/GM: Most people

Chris/Vin: take that as a compliment.

Misfit/Mia: I do not give consent.

Chris/Vin: Let's just, let's just go down
the corner one more time and then we'll

Archedas/Varren: try your idea.

Someone is going to tell Varyn that
There was a thought of, while they were

separated, we should split the party
wholly, everyone should go on their own.

Pete/GM: And he will

Archedas/Varren: not believe for
a second that that suggestion

was not from Mia or Vin.

He would not believe a second that
Freya would make that suggestion.


Pete/GM: way in hell.

Aubrey/Freya: I mean, I said
this, I don't want it to be true.

I really didn't want it to be
true, but it's what my brain said.

I think you're right.

Yeah, well, we'll go
around the next corner.

I will follow.

Pete/GM: Alright.

You go down the corner, at the end you see
another one of the same large rooms, but

in the middle of it is a table, and there
is what looks like a woman, with her back

turned to you, standing above the table.

It's a whole lot of nope.

Like, floating above the table?

Not, not floating above it.

Okay, okay!

Just like, looking like she
is Working on something.

You can hear from this
distance, the sound of A chop.

And then another chop.

Is that a fairy?

Chris/Vin: Is that

Aubrey/Freya: a fairy?

The last

Misfit/Mia: fairy changed Barry

Aubrey/Freya: a lot.


Pete/GM: quickly.

I don't

Misfit/Mia: think so.

Why are we doing the chopping?

Not the creepy person.

Although he is kind of creepy.

Pete/GM: Do we go in and talk to it?

Or do we

Misfit/Mia: attack it?

We could go in.

I don't think these people
are allowed to hurt me.


Chris/Vin: head says
yes, my heart says no.

Pete/GM: Yeah,

Aubrey/Freya: it's, I, you go in,
I'm going to be right behind you.


Misfit/Mia: just walks in like, hi!

Aubrey/Freya: Dives right behind
me, just be like, okay, we're

Pete/GM: doing this.

You go in.

Mia, you're, you're not sure if
what you're looking at is accurate.

There is hair on this woman,
but it looks Really foggy.

Maybe that's just your vision.

But Frey and Vin, as you get
closer, You see that her hair

is looking to be made of shadow.

As soon as Mia says, Hello!

There is a decisive stop
to the chopping sounds.

The figure turns around.

She's wearing a dress of striped black
and white, With bloody gloves on.

And she's holding a knife.

A belt of knives around her.

As she turns, you see that
she doesn't have a face.

There is a mask there instead.


Aubrey/Freya: She looks friendly.

Pete/GM: You see that
she doesn't have a face.

Rather, there is a mask on her.

With two eye holes that
are just pitch dark.

Though she stands fairly poised.

At the sight of Yumiya, her hand starts
to tremble, and the blood starts to flick

off of the blade that she's holding.

Nippo chooses you over me?

You fleshy interloper!

Misfit/Mia: Whoa, I think
you have it all wrong there.

I don't, I don't, I think
he's so much better for you.

She like, tries to stand
and be poised about it.

You're, you're way better than me.

I don't know.

He's got something a little,
mm, wrong with him, you know?

Pete/GM: With every fiber of my being,
you will not leave this room alive.

Will our adventurers
survive their encounters?

What happened to Varan?

And will he meet back up
with the rest of the party?

We'll have to find out on the
next episode of Ash and Snow.

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